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3 Rules for Retail Bitcoin Success

3 Rules for Retail Bitcoin Success

Anyone whose tried that knows how hard it is but after eight months we’ve figured out three little rules that will make the process a breeze for anyone.

3 Rules for Retail Bitcoin Success – banks and money – banksandmoney.com

Rule #1 for Bitcoin Retail Adoption

Do not talk about Bitcoin.
Running a business in New York is hard enough without taking a life changing trip down the rabbit hole. You don’t want to be talking about Fractional Reserve Banking and the Battle of Waterloo for three hours and neither do they. Educating people about bitcoin can come later.

The media has also put up a roadblock there. Those few who have heard of bitcoin think it died with Mt. Gox. After talking to over a thousand merchants I say this with 100% confidence. They’ll be believers in the end but for now avoid the B word. Just say it’s a reward program with EasyBitz.

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Rule #2 If they ask about Bitcoin…

Do not talk about Bitcoin.
Merchants that use Groupon don’t care how Groupon charges the customer, the merchant only cares that they get a check at the end of the week. Retail merchants aren’t technical. They don’t care about back office processes. Keep it simple and send them an email with your easybitz affiliate link or hand them one of our zero click cards and watch them get started by just sending an sms message. No smart phone needed.

Rule #3 Focus on the Positive.

No fees, no chargebacks, no banks are still No’s. No’s don’t motivate people to try new things. Sending them 10 brand new customers of quality who will most likely be repeat customers will motivate any merchant to do nearly anything.

Stick to the rules focus on one borough at a time and we’ll own this city in no time. Take New York, then the rest is easy.

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