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Affiliate Marketing, a Great Way For You to Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing, a Great Way For You to Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing has been one of the cornerstones of company incentives for many years now. Businesses, both big and small, use it to get people to try their products and services out in exchange for new and exclusive benefits. Affiliate programs target multiple audiences, including influencers, non-influencers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and consumers in every industry possible. This means that you and everyone in this world have the ability to make money online and the best way to get started is by joining affiliate programs. 

In the crypto space, most exchanges and peer-to-peer marketplaces like Paxful are the ones that give exciting perks for using their platform. Essentially, you can get a portion of the platform’s earnings by the business to others and bringing in more people to the platform. Now, you can easily find tons of affiliate programs out there, but none of them can compare to the benefits that await you in the Paxful Affiliate Program.

What is the Paxful Affiliate Program?

This program allows you to unlock and enjoy exciting opportunities and rewards on Paxful by simply sharing your affiliate link with others. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to sign up to become an affiliate. All users automatically receive their affiliate links on their affiliate dashboard right after creating an account on Paxful.

What makes Paxful’s Affiliate Program so unique is that it comes in two tiers: 

  • Tier 1 affiliates – These are your direct affiliates or users who signed up on Paxful using your direct link. From these affiliates, you’ll get 50% of the collected escrow fee every time they buy crypto.
  • Tier 2 affiliates – Tier 2 affiliates, on the other hand, are those users who signed up using the link of your tier 1 affiliate. This time, you’ll get 10% of the escrow fee every time they buy crypto on Paxful.

With these tiers, you can make money from your affiliates’ successful trade, which is a lifetime guarantee. Once you’ve started on your journey as a Paxful Affiliate, you’ll be able to track all your earnings and affiliates with the new affiliate dashboard. 

On top of all that, Paxful’s Affiliate Program also allows you to be part of our game-changing mission to reach the unbanked population by making financial services accessible to everyone. By spreading the word about Paxful and the powerful potential of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you’re helping more and more people reach financial freedom by giving them the financial passport they need.

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Earn more as a Paxful Affiliate

The best way to earn from Paxful’s Affiliate Program is to share your affiliate link in all possible places. This includes your groups on Facebook and Twitter, communities on Telegram and other messaging apps, and forums such as Reddit.

You can even create your own content. Start a blog about crypto, peer-to-peer finance, and the latest news surrounding the fintech space. There are several tactics you can use to generate more affiliates under your link. The Paxful blog is always an excellent source for you to learn more, like this article on how to generate more affiliates.

You can even start your own YouTube channel and talk about all things cryptocurrency. You can then share your affiliate link on these outlets and get people to sign up using that link.

Things to take note of as an Affiliate

Now that you know how to get started right away, let’s take a look at some of the things and activities you need to steer clear of as an Affiliate.

  • You are only allowed to have one account, so creating new accounts that redirect to your existing account is not allowed on the platform
  • Forwarding or using redirects from your domain to the company domain
  • Buying advertising for Paxful branded queries 
  • Publishing false information to attract more users or misleading them in any way
  • Unjustifiably showing other brands in a bad light, comparing Paxful with other brands in ads, and using branded queries of competitors to promote Paxful
  • Using fraud in any form to gain perks from the Affiliate Program
  • Offering referrals to sign up using your link in exchange for a fee or other incentive
  • Spamming affiliate links on different websites and the comment section of blog posts

You can learn more about the Paxful Affiliate Program here. Ready to get your Affiliate journey started? Go to your Affiliate Dashboard now and spread the word with your powerful link. Good luck!

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