All You Need To Know About Akoin And Akon City-banks and

All You Need to Know about Akoin and Akon City

All You Need to Know about Akoin and Akon City

As you continue to explore cryptocurrency, you would have definitely come across Akoin. This Akoin cryptocurrency has been making waves globally. You may have heard about this coin in connection with Akon, an international R & B star. No doubt, it gained visibility because of him and may have piqued your interest. However, when it comes to investing, it is important that you do your research.

You should always seek to learn as much as possible about a cryptocurrency before you consider an investment. We are here to help! We invite you to continue reading.

What is Akoin?

Akoin is a cryptocurrency that was created to power the goals of business owners, entrepreneurs, and social activists. Akoin cryptocurrency helps African crypto enthusiasts trade, connect across the African and global economies. It continues to rise in popularity as more traders sit up and take notice.

When was Akoin currency created?

Akoin was launched in June of 2018. So, it is relatively new compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Who created Akoin?

Who created Akoin-banks

As you may have guessed from the name Akoin was developed by Akon, the Senegalese-American R&B singer. He co-founded the currency alongside business partners Jon Karas and Lynn Lisa.

His main goal in creating Akoin was to give African countries a trusted digital currency that allows citizens to access the financial services that they need. It is a part of his empowerment vision for African countries.

What exactly is the Akoin Multi-Currency Wallet?

You may be thinking, “Well what makes the Akoin Multi-Currency Wallet so special?” However, you should know that not all cryptocurrency wallets are created equally. The Akoin wallet allows account holders to trade amongst internal cryptocurrency partnerships stress-free. The usual fees and hurdles that you may encounter on other platforms are just non-existent with the Akoin Multi-Currency Wallet. Atomic Swap technology facilitates direct transfers with all the major cryptocurrencies. The Akoin Wallet is a part of the DApp Marketplace.

What is the Akoin Foundation?

The Akoin foundation is the driving force behind the Akoin currency mission. This includes physical and digital programs that are designed to activate and empower African entrepreneurs. Their main focal areas are business incubation, education, innovation, ambassadorship, community networks, and general activation of the African entrepreneurial spirit.

The investment in DApps allows seamless utility for the end-user on the Akoin cryptocurrency platform.

What is the Akoin Price?

If you are considering trading Akoin, you need to have the relevant data to help you make an informed decision.

The Akoin price fluctuates daily, so you will have to be apprised of the information daily. Right now, 1 Akoin is worth approximately$ 0.26 USD. The 24-hour trading volume currently is $53, 533.83USD.

Where can I buy Akoin?

You can purchase Akoin at the following exchanges:

• BitMart

• Bittrex

Listed above are the main exchanges for Akoin. However, you may also be able to buy Akoin at the following exchanges in the near future:

• Hotbit

• Bilaxy

• OKEx

• Huobi Global


How does the Akoin Ecosystem work?

It allows token holders to access several decentralized applications and other apps. They can use several tools to engage and conduct business in their regions. There is a tremendous social impact in their communities, allowing growth and positive change.

The Akoin Marketplace, Multi-Currency Wallet, and Utility Token allow traders to earn, learn, save or spend on the platform. They can access the digital global economy via their mobile phones.

How does the Akoin partner accelerator work?

Akoin partner accelerator makes it easier to enter markets, expanding your global reach for your brands and apps.

You can expect access to DApp/App integration, brand activation campaigns, assistance with expansion planning, launch strategy, and several foundation partnerships.

You can be assured that every DApp/App partner is reviewed by the Akoin team before being integrated into the marketplace. This ensures that the quality of the partnerships is never compromised in any way.

The Akoin partner accelerator ensures that there is scope for marketing campaigns within the Akoin Ecosystem which increases your brand’s visibility and potential for growth. It is important to note that DApp marketplace costs are paid in Akoin cryptocurrency.

How does the Akoin Ecosystem stimulate Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business. Business is the lifeblood of any economy. While Akoin is a cryptocurrency, the concept is so much more than just a trading token. This is why the developers consider it an ecosystem. As you know an organic ecosystem is interconnected and symbiotic. The following components below fuel entrepreneurship within African economies.

The Akoin Marketplace- The goal is to become the market leader for DApp/other app-based services in Africa and beyond.

Partner Accelerator-Akoin offers scope for expansion into global markets and access that may not have been available otherwise.

Atomic Swap- This feature allows users and traders to exchange prepaid minutes, fiat currencies, and cryptocurrencies. The sky is truly the limit with Akoin cryptocurrency.

Akoin Token-The token itself is a reliable currency alternative that gives entrepreneurs the confidence and the boost to grow and nurture their business.

Akon City- The Akoin is meant to be the predominant currency being used in Akon city. The smart city is meant to be an eco-tourism spot that is geared towards sustainability. If the plans for the city are achieved, Akon city would be the jewel of Senegal and even all of the African Continent.

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Opportunity centers or hubs- Akoin’s mission is to provide AI-Based/blockchain knowledge to young people and entrepreneurship. Mentorship programs are offered to help users earn and learn about new technologies.

If you decide to become a part of the Akoin community, you will be able to connect and share ideas with fellow entrepreneurs. Akoin can help you introduce your business to the world, by boosting your reach. You will be supported by a competent team of influencers, merchants, agents, and ambassadors. The Akoin community works together building each other up for the good of the whole.

What should I know about Akon City?

All You Need To Know About Akoin And Akon City-banks and

Akon City is the brainchild of R& B Superstar Akon that was revealed on 15 January 2020. It is a ten-year project that happens in phases and is carded to cost 6 billion dollars. Akon City is meant to be a sustainable smart city. It’s futuristic in nature with both commercial and residential spaces. Resorts, recording studios, shopping malls, universities, and condos are all supposed to be a part of the landscape. The Senegalese government made the site a special tax zone. E-commerce is meant to be the driving force behind Akon City.

It is also a green city using wind and solar energy to power the development. Naturally, Akoin will be the currency of Akon City.

Akon City is situated in Cadastral de Mbodiene Park, Senegal. It is the home country of Akon. It is easily accessible for commuters and anyone who wants to visit. It is surrounded by all of Senegal’s natural beauty. Those who live in the city would enjoy the best of both worlds. High-quality technological capability and all that nature have to offer.

Akon City will have several open spaces where all the native flora would be enjoyed and celebrated. Akon City marries the natural beauty of Senegal with the future. It is meant to be a testament that both can co-exist in harmony, showing that progress does not have to compromise the environment.

There is also a plan for another Akon City in Uganda.

In his press release, Akon advised that he was inspired by Marvel’s Wakanda in the Black Panther movie. It has ignited the imagination of those who working to make this city a reality. As mentioned above Akon city has a 10-year projection but with the pandemic affecting materials, supplies, labor forces, and more. There is the possibility that this project may take a bit longer to complete due to these constraints.

How do you buy Akoin?

So firstly, there is no way to buy Akoin with hard-cold cash, you have to buy it with cryptocurrency. Let us take you through the process to acquire Akoin cryptocurrency. It is quite easy. You will be able to acquire Akoin in no time.


Create your Cryptocurrency Account- This will involve filling out your trading details. Platforms are usually user-friendly and walk you through the process. We do not expect you to encounter any problems.

This will ensure that you have a crypto wallet where you can store, sell and trade your cryptocurrency.


Purchase either Bitcoin or Ethereum


Register with an exchange that trades Akoin. We recommend either Bittrex or BitMart. They are highly reliable for Akoin.

Step: 4

You are now ready to deposit your Bitcoin into the exchange that allows you to trade Akoin.

How can I buy Akoin if I live in Europe?

Buying cryptocurrency in Europe is fairly simple. In Europe, there are online banks that allow account holders to open an account and transfer funds to exchanges. Some of the online banks in Europe are N26, Revolut, and Bunq to name a few.

Can I buy Akoin cryptocurrency in the US?

The answer is yes. Akoin is being traded on BitMart which is available in the US.

Are there any plans for liquidity for the Akoin coin?

According to our research, the developers maintain that it is one of their top priorities. So we may see this becoming a reality in the future.

If I buy an Akoin coin does it constitute an investment?

No, if you purchase Akoin tokens it does not mean that you have invested. It just means you now own Akoin tokens.

For those who are new to the cryptocurrency world, buying or selling using Akoin cryptocurrency does not mean that you a guaranteed a profit. Crypto markets are volatile. An Akoin token is just a tool to be utilized in the Akoin Ecosystem. It can be used across the Akoin platforms allowing access to several functions and services.

Are there any other platforms that I can use to purchase Bitcoin and Akoin with my credit card?

Yes, you can try a site called Changelly which is user-friendly and allows easy trading. You can easily buy bitcoin with any of your credit cards. You can exchange cryptocurrency quickly. Changelly has easy-to-follow instructions and a simple user interface.

Who are the Akoin trusted partners?

Who are the Akoin trusted partners-banks and
Who are the Akoin trusted partners-banks and

Akoin has partnered with some very prominent companies that are committed to the mission and goals of Akoin.

They are as follows:

GlobalStar- A provider of data and mobile satellite voice services. This partner offers these services to both recreational and commercial users in more than 120 countries globally.

SAPNext-Gen- An exciting community of young people who are passionate about technology and innovation.

BitMinutes- These tokens are exchangeable for pre-paid time and can be used for payments, microloans, and transfers.

BAANX- A financial technology platform that is built on Blockchain, DLT, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation. Expect speed and efficiency on this revolutionary platform.

Delchain Limited- offers a range of services that include asset management, multi-currency banking, and trading advice for young and upcoming blockchain companies.

SDG Impact Fund- A fund that is devoted to helping companies achieve UN sustainable goals.

UNL://- a general smart addressing platform for location-based services and navigation.

Mwale Medical & Technology City- This metropolis is known for its state-of-the-art medical facilities and technological advancement.

If I want to learn more about Akoin currency, where can I go?

Akoin is a very visible and transparent cryptocurrency. You can check them out on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, or YouTube. They can even be reached via email.

Akoin cryptocurrency is quite revolutionary as far as digital currencies go. What is so enticing about Akoin is that is a medium for social and economic change that will benefit entrepreneurs, communities who may not have a chance under normal circumstances. Akoin is an asset to the African markets and is making steady strides globally. Akon city is also an exciting prospect that should be ground-breaking for those who are able to visit and be a part of this amazing project.

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