Bitcoin as a Rewards Program - banks and money -

Bitcoin as a Rewards Program

Bitcoin as a Rewards Program

We all know of bitcoin as a currency and this is how we naturally approach people with it. Is this really the best way to get retail acceptance?

Bitcoin as a Rewards Program – banks and money –

Merchant Rewards

In my experience, it is not. Bitcoin in the actual experience of a merchant is a rewards program. In the best possible scenario a merchant will get a flood of new business that will most likely become repeat business. Considering the passion and enthusiasm of the bitcoin community those repeat customers will most likely become loyal customers. There is nothing more valuable to any merchant than loyal customers. This is what they talk about.

The CEO of has found accepting Bitcoin rewarding with a flood of new customers many of which have become repeat customers. Technically it is just another payment process.

User Rewards: Merit Based Affiliate Program

The rewards go both ways as well. Merchants get new loyal customers and the customers themselves should get something out of it, other than just being able to use their shiny new bitcoin to buy a hotdog.

Every time you support the bitcoin community by signing up a merchant or a new member you’ll get credit for each of their purchases and earnings in the form of social credit. There will be a leader board split up by city, state, country and region.

Mine Bitcoin Daily For Free With Your Phone Or Computer

We’re going to take it a step further and extend a free web wallet to those who signup for the living map so that when you purchase goods and services from these merchants you will also get credit in the form of points. We don’t take a cut of transactions so all we can offer is social credit. We have seen great interest in this and will be launching the web wallet soon.

Community Rewards

As Bitcoin retail adoption grows the potential for something truly transformative begins to manifest.

Closing the Circle is the saturation of a currency such that a community can sustain itself through it’s use. People can sustain a daily existence for all goods and products they need and merchants and acquire nearly all their supplies using this currency. Once this happens with a currency that is work based such as Bitcoin an increase in production and work becomes a very possibility. The proof of this is in the thirteen colonies of the Americas.

The community that will benefit from this is far more than just the Bitcoin community but potentially the entire nation and world once the simple power of a work based currency is understood.

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