Rotating Savings And Credit Associations ROSCAs-banks and

Rotating Savings And Credit Associations ROSCAs

Rotating Savings And Credit Association – Being able to save and borrow, is one of the ways that you can improve your economic status. The good thing about rotating savings and credit associations is that you do not necessarily need a formal setting in order to save money!

SuSu (Sou Sou) - What Is It-banks and

SuSu (Sou Sou) – What Is It?

SuSu (also known as Sou Sou)- Savings is on everyone’s mind as the economic climate continues to be uncertain all over the world. A system that has been in existence for centuries in the developing world is rising in popularity. You may have heard it referred to as likelemba or a pardner.

pardner-banks and

Have You Heard Of The Pardner System?

pardner – If you are wary of traditional banks and financial institutions, you can still find ways to save. We are going to explore a saving method that may be new to you but can be amazingly effective. You may have heard of the pardner system. It is a financial mechanism that allows you to save and is based on trust among the participants or members.

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