Closing the Circle - banks and money -

Closing the Circle

Closing the Circle

The dream is to see Bitcoin mainstream.

We all know that retail adoption is a big part of that. The fully realized achievement of this dream is the single greatest opportunity humanity has ever had. It is so big and so far beyond just moving money around easier that one can barely get a handle on it. The best name I could give it is “Closing the Circle”.

Closing the Circle – banks and money –

My journey began with a question.

Speaking to merchants around the world about Bitcoin has taught me alot but I learned the most from the one question I couldn’t answer. A small boy on a self sufficient farm in the heart of Sudan asked me, quite plainly. “What is money?

I explained how currency was traded and what it let us do but he was looking for something even deeper. He wanted to know what the value behind it really was. I kept fumbling around my words until I realized that I didn’t have an answer.

Coming back to New York I realized that every merchant I spoke to here was in their own way, asking me the same question. One of the most amazing things about bitcoin is that for the first time in a very long time it is getting us to ask the question…

What is money?

The search for the answer went back to the thirteen colonies of America. It was said that a hog in the colonies had a better standard of living that a nobleman in England or France. Word of this out of control prosperity got back to King George and he forced the colonies to abandon their own currency Colonial Script and use the British pound instead. He told Ben Franklin that it was backed by gold and the English Central Bank and thus much better than their purely fiat based currency but Ben knew better.

Within a year the colonies went from nearly zero unemployment and the highest standard of living in the world per capita to one of the lowest with over 50% unemployment. The price of tea be damned they revolted and the rest is history.

What I know now, Benjamin Franklin knew back then.

Money is work.

Money must simply be backed by the labour of a people. What currency they use, be it gold or silver, means little if the money is backed by debt, as the English pound was.

With a work based currency, with the REAL money of colonial script, the colonies, which had to start from scratch in hostile terrain grew to be the most prosperous place in the whole world. The Colonists had achieved true independence, financial independence.

The Colonists had Closed the Circle.

If a cafe begins using Bitcoin and instantly converting it to dollars then there is no circle. Blood does not flow from your heart to your arm and remain there, it must flow back for there to be life. When that cafe’s suppliers, like the bean distributor and bakery begin accepting Bitcoin and their suppliers such as the farm that supplies them their beans and flour begin accepting Bitcoin then we are approaching the closure of the circle. If that farmer goes into the city and buys a cup of coffee with Bitcoin then the circle is officially closed.

Closing the circle is a near complete saturation of currency in a local population such that daily life can be supported by that currency.

We are now approaching Closing the Circle.

Are all the pieces are in place?

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Do we have real currency?
The currency of a people is simply money given form, be it physical or digital and need only allow them to exchange their money, their work, over trades and borders. By that definition Bitcoin is the most perfect currency every devised by humanity.

Is bitcoin real money?
If you were to combine the power of every super computer on earth it would not come close to the power of the Bitcoin network. Those cpu cycles, the electricity that powers it and the work that generates that electricity represent the work backing bitcoin. The community that has taken bitcoin from fractions of a cent to a value many multiples of that represents a far greater order of work. Bitcoin is REAL MONEY. The realest form of money we currently have.

Are we, the people ready?
Look what we have here before us.

We have gathering of people of all races, creeds, cultures and languages gathered in peace and goodwill to grow the greatest social experiment ever under taken by humanity. They tried to stop us but we are still here and stronger than ever!

Now that is a miracle and miracles are what Bitcoin is all about.

What we have here before us now is the opportunity, to Close the Circle for the first time in two hundred and fifty years! Imagine what a work based currency, what REAL MONEY would do for us now, with our technology and communications? The golden ages of the past would pale in comparison, poverty would be a distant memory.

The heroes of the past saw this opportunity. As Tesla said “See the excitement coming” He saw it! Can you see a world without poor people? Can you see a world of abundance and wealth? For everyone, always.
Can you see it ?!?!

Closing the Circle means creating a living system. Feedback is the key to any living system, without feedback we don’t know where we stand or how far we’ve come. Facebook wouldn’t be so fun without comments, shares and likes. World of Warcraft wouldn’t be fun if you couldn’t see your character growing stronger.

When they can get a steady stream of Bitcoin business or at the very least an initial flash flood merchants will mentally accept the reality of bitcoin. Otherwise they are a dead node on the map. is cool but 9 our of 10 of them don’t work anymore and the rest are law or real estate firms. What we need is a living map and to keep it alive.

Ever merchant that accepts Bitcoin in your city, every new transaction bumps them up to the top of the map, in real time, right before our eyes. We can see Bitcoin flow in New York City, live. Go visit a shop and buy something or just send them a few satoshi’s to give them a bump.

Every merchant we signup is a living node on the system and to keep them alive, we must feed them. We now have the tool to do that. Many thanks to Artur who single-handedly built this system with enterprise scaling on the weekend.

Every City in the world, Every currency on earth and every language. This supports it all. Share your referral link with other bitcoin users and merchants and you can see the difference you’re making in real time.

This all began with a guy working away on a project no one cared about. Now it’s a revolution that has the greatest powers in the world taking notice and has united the will and inspired the imaginations of millions. The revolution has already begun.

Now it’s time for the evolution of the revolution.

A future of wealth and prosperity lies before us far greater than anything our parents and their parents could ever imagine.

Before we would fight with one another, now we are united.
Before we didn’t know what wealth we deserved, now we know that wealth is ours by right.
Before we would all follow a single leader subject to human frailty, now we are leading ourselves in a stream of consciousness that connects us all.

A future of uncompromising wealth and abundance is ours for the taking. If we dare but take it. And we dare. A people united can only know victory. Our victory is now and we’re going to have alot of fun taking it.

Welcome to the Evolution of the Revolution.

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