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Ethereum & Bitcoin Games Where You Can Earn Money

Ethereum & Bitcoin Games Where You Can Earn Money

With Bitcoin (BTC) reaching all-time highs on a seemingly regular basis, it can be easy to get intimidated from investing. “60,000 USD? That’s way too much for me to get started!” Trust us, we’ve all been there. 

Luckily, investing isn’t the only way to get started in this space. If you’re looking to kickstart your trading journey without any risks, crypto faucets are a great place to start. 

What are crypto faucets? 

Crypto faucets are mobile applications or websites that distribute small amounts of BTC, ETH, and other coins as a reward for completing easy tasks. Think of a leaky faucet that just can’t stop dripping (ugh). Crypto faucets are kind of the same thing, but instead of the dripping water, it’s fractions of digital currencies. 

These faucets don’t really give a lot of cryptos out, but still, it’s free. On these applications and websites, you’re rewarded with small amounts of coins for simple tasks such as watching product videos, completing surveys, clicking links, viewing ads, or, yes, playing games.

6 play-to-earn Ethereum and Bitcoin games

Love gaming and crypto? Then you’re going to love this. We’ll show you how to earn money by playing games that pump out Bitcoin and Ethereum


This Bitcoin game is a virtual BTC mining simulator that pits you against your friends in the hopes of earning that sweet block reward. It basically takes the fun part of mining—trimming all the technical and boring stuff out of the equation—and lets you test your skills, undertake tasks, complete missions, and play games to build your mining empire. 

Increase your mining power with side missions, mini-tasks, and upgrades as you tackle practical tasks like electricity bills, data center repairs, air conditioning costs, and rent. The site will then release a block reward every five minutes, shared by all the participants depending on their mining power. 

Bitcoin Alien Run

Bitcoin Alien Run is a Super Mario-style platformer game that takes you on a journey with Daniel D’Alien as you face unique missions across the galaxy and get BTC rewards if you manage to complete them. 

This smartphone-based game is available on Android and iOS operating systems and deals out weekly payments every Tuesday. 

Spark Profit

Looking to level up your speculation game? Spark Profit is an interactive Bitcoin market prediction app. This simulator challenges you to make predictions on real money markets such as cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange—and the more accurate your predictions, the more money you earn. 

Once you make enough points in the game, you can cash out your winnings in BTC. The game is available on any web browser as well as an application for Android and iOS devices. 

Mine Bitcoin Daily For Free With Your Phone Or Computer

Altcoin Fantasy

Like Spark Profit, Altcoin Fantasy is a simulator. However, instead of focusing on the speculatory side of things, this game focuses on trading digital assets in a risk-free environment. Trade virtual USD, practice your trading strategies, and use them in the weekly and monthly trading competitions to get a chance to win BTC and other cryptocurrencies. 

Altcoin Fantasy is available to play on a web browser as well as on iOS and Android devices. 

Ethereum & Bitcoin Games Where You Can Earn Money - banks and money
Ethereum & Bitcoin Games Where You Can Earn Money – banks and money

Satoshi Quiz

Love trivia games? If you do, Satoshi Quiz is the game for you. This web-based quiz show allows you to win BTC by answering questions correctly from different categories. 

To win, create an account or sign in and be among the first three users to answer correctly. Prizes vary per round depending on a tiered system and each user can choose between daily, weekly, or monthly awards. Payments are processed at the end of the week with a minimum withdrawal of 11,000 satoshis. 

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a digital pet universe where you can raise, trade, and battle creatures called Axies. You get started by downloading the application through their website and then buying Axies with Ethereum.

Earn while you play by getting Small Love Potions (SLPs) by completing daily quests, going on adventures (PvE), and defeating challengers in the arena (PvP). You can then sell these on secondary markets to earn money. Additionally, Axie will also reward players for climbing the ranks in the arena.

This is one of the most lucrative blockchain games out there as players can earn money by playing this game diligently –  up to 400USD a week. While it may be chump change in some countries, this amount can feed a family in developing countries.

This blockchain game runs on the Ethereum platform. You can play Axie Infinity on your iOS and Android devices. 

Dive right in, the water’s fine

Suppose you were always interested in entering the cryptocurrency market but are still too afraid to put in your own money. In that case, these Ethereum and Bitcoin games are the perfect way for you to dip your toes into the wonderful world of crypto. 

There’s no denying that cryptocurrencies had a great year, as assets like Bitcoin reached new all-time highs. However, there’s still a long way to go before these currencies become completely mainstream. Currently, the idea of cryptocurrencies is still new to many people, and these blockchain games are a fantastic way for them to see what all the fuss is about.

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