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How To Get Free Cryptocurrency

How To Get Free Cryptocurrency
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How to get Free cryptocurrency. Free COMP (Cosmos)How to get Free cryptocurrency. Free COMP (Cosmos)

Yes, We Reveal The Best Ways To Legally Get Free Cryptocurrency

How To Get Free Cryptocurrency

Want to know how to get free cryptocurrency including free Bitcoin and free Ethereum?

Continue reading and find out how.
Around the world, many people are currently out of work or are about to become out of work, due to the Covid scare, and have no immediate access to an income.

People now need to find new and innovative ways to make money.
We are in a strange situation especially with the Covid scare that is currently happening. People are being forced to stay at home and are being or have been cut off from their normal source of money and income.

It is an odd situation. As we all now realize, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Stellar, Dodge Coin and many others are currently increasing rapidly in value. But how can this increase benefit people who don’t have any spare money to buy these cryptocurrencies?



You can use the links below that will each give you free cryptocurrency for signing up.

You may additionally have to watch videos or forward links in order to earn the free cryptocurrency, but it is worth it.

At Banks And Money, we understand that not everyone knows how crypto currency works, so we have sourced the easiest ways for you to get free cryptocurrency.

1. Watch videos and earn with Coinbase.

There are 2 links for this.

i.  Earn COMP coin.

ii. Earn XLM (Stellar) coin.

Create your account.

Watch some videos.

Receive free cryptocurrency.

As simple as that.

There are more that are available on the platform and they are always being updated.

At this time of writing, Coinbase is paying £120 / $160 for watching a few videos and sharing some links!

2. Mine cryptocurrency for free with Cryptotab Browser.

Another very simple way to get free cryptocurrency.

Download the Cryptotab browser.

Use it instead of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer.

Why use them if someone else is willing to pay you to use theirs?
After a while, the crypto that your Cryptotab browser has generated, will be available to transfer to your cryptocurrency wallet.

3. Buy some cryptocurrency that pays rewards!

Yes, although Bitcoin is the one everyone knows (or thinks) is increasing in value the most, there are also some that will pay you rewards, just for owning them.

Step 1:
Open an account with Coinbase

Mine Bitcoin Daily For Free With Your Phone Or Computer

Step 2:
Buy the following:

Cosmos (ATOM)




Whenever new reward-paying cryptocurrencies become available, you will be automatically notified.
Each of these examples above, pay you a regular reward.
The more you own, they more you are rewarded.

4. Airdrops.

Although this is something you have to pay for (it’s actually very cheap!), this is a favourite idea of ours.


Because you pay a small fee but receive much more in return!
Here’s how airdrops work.
New cryptocurrencies are created regularly.

When they are, they often have a promotion and will give away free cryptocurrency.

This is done as a method of advertising their new cryptocurrency and it helps them to gain popularity.
The more popular they are, the more their value rises!

You can receive free cryptocurrency from these airdrops just for signing up.
Sometimes, you do have to own another cryptocurrency to be eligible, but you will be told beforehand if that is the case.

This is a paid plan  where everything is automated, so you will receive get free cryptocurrency automatically when the new ones are released.

How to get Free cryptocurrency. Free XLM (Stellar)How to get Free cryptocurrency. Free XLM (Stellar)

5. Promote the above programs.

When you have signed up, you can earn extra cryptocurrency by introducing people to get free cryptocurrency.
This will give you additional cryptocurrency into your account.
Here are the signup links to promote the programs yourself:


So you could get free cryptocurrency without having to spend anything yourself.

So that’s a few ways that you can get free cryptocurrency.

It takes minimum effort but the rewards can be huge.

Just think, if any of your free cryptocurrencies do what Bitcoin or Ethereum have done, that is SKYROCKETED over the past few years, you could make A LOT of money for a very small amount of effort.

Reward yourself today and use the links above to get your free crypto currency.

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