Keep Your Crypto Safe (Crypto Wallets)-banks and

Keep Your Crypto Safe (Crypto Wallets)

Keep Your Crypto Safe (Crypto Wallets)

In this video we will go over the different types of bitcoin/ cryptocurrency wallets, from hardware to software wallets.
Its all about security first and then gains/money afterwards, we don’t want to lose our assets that we’ve worked hard for.

A exchange is NOT a wallet people.


Hardware Wallets-
These two have been around a few years, very good for long term storage, good reasonable prices,

Exodus Wallet

Exodus Wallet
Desktop wallet and mobile app, free, inbuilt exchange, easy for newbies.

Exodus Wallet

BRD Wallet

BRD wallet
mobile app wallet, free, easy for newbies
Never keep all your crypto on 1 wallet, have multi wallets, just like you have more than 1 bank account.

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