NFTs Explained

NFTs Explained

You may have come across the acronym NFT as you keep learning about finance in the cyber world and it may have left you confused. Never fear, we are here to shed some light on the nft meaning!

Let’s start with what the acronym means.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. We know that doesn’t really explain anything.

What does non fungible token mean?

A non-fungible token is a data unit that is stored on a blockchain. What it means is that the digital asset is unique. NFTs are used to represent videos, photos, audio files, and other digital content.

So, an NFT is not interchangeable. It’s one of kind.

So exactly how do NFTs work?

So exactly how do NFTs work-banks and
How do NFTs work-banks and

Firstly, NFT tokens are used to sell and trade just like bitcoin. The difference is that each bitcoin is the same i.e. fungible. Most NFTs can be found in the Ethereum blockchain. You should also note that other blockchains have their own NFT versions.

While NFTs cover the realm of any digital content like music, drawings, etc. Right now, the hype is around using NFTs to sell digital art.

Can NFTs be the future of Digital fine art collecting?

Some people believe that it is possible. We guess that it depends on how valuable you consider the image, music, or video.

You can copy a digital file multiple times and that includes the art in the NFT. However, what makes an NFT different is that it bestows ownership of the particular work. You should also note that this does not impact the artist’s copyright and reproductive rights.

To understand the concept, anyone can own a Picasso print, but only one person can own an original Picasso.

We believe that a physical piece of art generally holds the edge over video, soundbite, or any other digital content for now.

There are varying opinions, some people believe that you can enjoy a digital copy just as much as a physical copy. While others think there is no comparison.

However, we are seeing digital images selling for more than physical painting. The winds of change are blowing. We will see what that the future holds for NFTs.

What are the other uses for Non fungible tokens?

We have touched on digital art in the Nft world but there is so much more. Here is a sneak peek to give you a proper appreciation.

Collectibles- These could be digital baseball or basketball cards. For example, a digital slam dunk card for Le Bron James sold for $208,000.00

In-Game assets- This could be a plot of land or other trade worthy items in the game.

Music- Musicians now have the opportunity to publish and tokenize their work as NFTs. This allows musicians and artists to monetize and profit from their work. This has been a popular option during the pandemic.

Films- Entire NFT artwork collections are used for film promotion and even the entire movie can be released as an NFT.

Memes- Some memes have been minted sold by their creators. Names that often come up are “Nyan Cat” and “Disaster Girl” to name a few.

Ticketing- It is an excellent way for artists to receive their royalties on resales. It creates a close relationship between the artist and his or her fans.

What are NFT Communities?
What are NFT

Once you start exploring the NFT world, you may have heard NFT communities. These are communities built around the tokens. The community is built around the tokens. Popular communities are Pudgy Penguins and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Community activities may include sharing memes and other interactions with other users.

How do different users benefit from NFTs?


If you are an artist, you can:

• Sell your work that otherwise may not be marketable. (digital stickers)

• You can be paid a percentage every time your NFT is sold or is traded.


If you are a buyer, you can:

• You can buy art.

• You obtain basic usage rights. (Being able to use it as a profile picture or post it online.

• You own art with a blockchain entry.


If you are a collector:

• You can buy a digital asset and keep it until it appreciates in value, and you can then sell it.

Is every NFT unique?

Yes, it is. An NFT is a unique token on the blockchain. It could be like a unique Picasso where there is one actual version or like a trading card where there are a specific number of the same image.

You may be wondering who would pay huge sums of money for a digital asset. The fact is that some people consider acquiring these digital assets the equivalent of fine art collecting. It is a very elite market, to say the least.

For instance, video clips and cards are sold for thousands of dollars. The thing is they are often available for free online on YouTube and other similar platforms. It seems a bit ludicrous at times to be honest.

Which blockchains support Non fungible tokens?

Here is our list:


Ethereum was the pioneer when it comes to NFTs. As such ERC-721 was the first benchmark on the Ethereum blockchain for non-fungible digital assets. It allows the owner to be tracked by a unique identifier and facilitates a way for the owner to transfer the asset to someone else.


The FLOW blockchain supports NFTs by using the proof of stake consensus model. For example, Cryptokitties may soon switch to FLOW from Ethereum.


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It is a blockchain network that supports the sale of NFT art and operates on a proof of stake.


The Solana blockchain also supports non-fungible tokens.

Are Non Fungible Tokens considered mainstream?

Well, if you are asking if everyone has one or if everyone knows about them, the answer is no. However, they do seem to be making their mark in the crypto world. They may not be as commonplace as cell phones, but they do have a following and a market.

How do young people feel about them?

Millennials and Generation Z are experimenting with Non-fungible tokens. They are earning spending money and in some rare cases hitting quite a payload!

How popular is NFTs in 2021?

NFTs rose in popularity in early 2021 due to numerous high-profile sales like:

• A LeBron James NBA Top Shot video clip ($208,000)

• 3LAU album ($11.7 million)

• Work by Beeple a digital artist ($69.3 million)

As such, NFT sales were more than $220 million in March alone. A pretty impressive figure by anyone’s standards.

The younger generation’s interest has turned towards NFTs in sports, music, and art. Investors have paid large amounts of money to promote and secure NFTs in 2021. They believe that their investment in NFTs will pay off handsomely in the future.

How can I create an NFT?

How can I create an NFT-banks and
How can I create an NFT-banks and

If you are interested in creating NFTs, you have come to the right place. There are many platforms that can help you do just that. The platforms will provide a step-by-step process.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

As mentioned before the NFTs are supported by a specific blockchain. The most popular one being the Ethereum blockchain.

You will need a cryptocurrency wallet and cryptocurrency. The most popular one being the ether (ETH).

Then you can head off to one of these platforms to build your NFT.

Our top picks are SuperRare, Mintable, Cargo, and Async.

Here is a little breakdown of each of them:


This NFT minting platform requires its artists to apply for membership into the Artists Network before they can start creating NFTs on the platform. It supports authentic creative pieces of crypto art.

There is a 3% transaction fee on all trades. The cost is borne by the buyer.


It is the most popular platform. It is simple to use and you can mint tokens in minutes! Mintable provides step by step directions on how to create the NFT of your choice.


It’s a relatively new player. It is a platform where you can trade, collect, and create crypto collectibles. It specializes in crypto art. You need to apply and be accepted onto the platform. You will find true art on Async.


Cargo is a platform with a difference in allows individuals and businesses to tokenize digital and tangible assets on the Ethereum blockchain.

A user can use the Cargo Dashboard to create mint tokens contracts or a crate page which is a place where minted tokens can be displayed.

What is the Binance NFT Marketplace?

The Binance NFT Marketplace can be found on the Binance Exchange. It is a new NFT-focused market that was launched in July 2019.

How can I access the Binance NFT Market?

Binance NFTs come with instructions that determine how each token interacts with others. Crypto assets like CryptoKitties and items from World of Warcraft and Fortnight can be found in the market. NFTs can be traded on exchanges and is stored in wallets.

So, are NFTs stealable?

Since blockchains store a record of each time a transaction happens, it makes NFTs pretty hard to steal.

However, even though it appears quite secure, cryptocurrencies have been stolen before. It depends on how securely the nft crypto is stored. If you are robbed, you may have to pay a tidy sum to get your NFT tokens back.

We recommend that you pay attention to your NFT accounts, so you will know sooner rather than later if anything irregular is happening.

Will digital art be around in 500 years?

Maybe. Nobody knows for sure. Bit rot actually occurs. The quality of images can deteriorate. Websites can crash. File formats may become outdated and can’t be opened. You can even forget your wallet password. However, if you think about it physical art is also fragile and needs preserving to slow deterioration.

If you to maximize my blockchain usage, can use cryptocurrencies to buy NFTs?

Yes, you can. Several marketplaces accept Ethereum. Anyone can sell an NFT and request the currency of their choice.

If I have Logan Paul NFTs will that contribute to environmental concerns like global warming?

It may be a valid concern. You see NFTs use the same blockchain technology that cryptocurrencies use. Generating cryptocurrencies and trading on the crypto market consumes a lot of electricity. While efforts to mitigate this issue is currently ongoing, most NFTs remain tied to cryptocurrencies that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Some people have made the environmentally friendly decision not to sell NFTs or have canceled future drops when they become aware of the effects of climate change.

Where should I store my NFTs?

You can store your NFTs in your digital wallets. However, we encourage you to make sure that your wallet is NFT compatible since not all digital wallets are.

Are they any TV shows on NFTs?

We know it may seem like a weird question, but there are!

Steve Aoki is working on a project about a character from Dominion X from a previous NFT drop. It will be an episodic series that will be uploaded to the blockchain. You can check out the first video on OpenSea. There are already hundreds of NFTs about the show.

You can also search for a show called Stoner Cats. It’s hilarious and its actually about cats getting high staring Jane Fonda, Chris Rock, and Mila Kunis). It uses NFTs as a ticket system. You need a Stoner Cat NFT token to watch the one available episode. Time will tell if this trend will take off.

We hope that we have shed some light on NFTs. If you are an artist, a buyer, a collector, or investor, non fungible tokens may be something you want to explore. They can be extremely lucrative or an excellent way to make some extra money. It is totally up to you. We encourage you to find the platform that is right for you. As we mentioned above most platforms are quite user-friendly. The exciting realm of NFTs awaits!

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