Prove Enters Multi-Year Agreement With Binance.US-banks and

Prove Enters Multi-Year Agreement With Binance.US

Prove Enters Multi-Year Agreement With Binance.US

Prove has signed a multi-year agreement with Binance.US.
Binance.US enables its verification processes with Prove.
This enables users to get completely verified in 10 minutes.
Prove has signed a multi-year agreement with Binance.US to enable Prove’s mobile phone-related technology into Binance.US’s user verification and onboarding processes.

Moreover, this will bolster Binance.US’s user onboarding process and empower Binance.US to continue to accommodate new users securely and quickly.

Binance.US Chief Compliance Officer Brian Reisbeck said,

Prove-Enters-Multi-Year-Agreement-With-Binance.US-banks and
Prove-Enters-Multi-Year-Agreement-With-Binance. US-banks and

Our goal is to democratize access to digital asset ownership and facilitate simple and safe participation in cryptocurrency markets for all Americans…after a rigorous evaluation and proof-of-concept test demonstrating Prove’s pass rates and ability to deliver seamless customer experiences.

Binance.US will enhance its verification process with Prove’s phone-centric Identity™ technology. This enables users to get completely verified in 10 minutes with proper identification. Prove’s technology quickly verifies a potential user with three key checks like possession, reputation, and ownership. These factors will provide a positive signal for accurate verification of identity and higher pass rates.

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In addition, the Founder and CEO of Prove appreciate Binance.US for providing the fantastic customer experience their users need through leveraging Prove’s solutions to create identity verification easier and quicker.

Moreover, Prove is an ever-growing phone-centric identity provider. It had over 1 billion customers and small business identity tokens under continuous management. Even more, Prove’s phone-centric Identity™ platform enables companies to identify fraud. It could also make revenue and decrease OPEX over mobile, desktop, tablet, contact center, and in-store channels. More than 1,000 companies and 500 banks trust Prove.

On other hand, Binance.US is an American crypto exchange, in which users can buy, trade, and earn crypto. Low fee platform which can quickly move USD to over 50 different cryptocurrencies. Notably, its mission is to offer liquidity, transparency, and efficiency to financial markets by developing products that leverage crypto to unlock the power of everything. Binance.US connects traditional finance and digital markets empowering the future of finance.

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